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Welcome to the sceneline studios.

With more than 20 locations sceneline studios are one of Europe's biggest provider for fashion- and lifestyle photo shootings. Sceneline has studios in hotspots like London, Madrid, Barcelona, Viena, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and many other cities.

We embody a high standard of quality and ensure these standards with a careful selection of our staff. We offer opportunities to gather international experience and support especially young professinoal with workshops and special trainings.

One of the central focus of scceneline is the communication with our clients. A serious attitude, professional equipment, remarkable references, a stylish appearance are requeste for a succesfull registration.

Our quality management will approve your application for the sceneline booking system. With the registration you allow sceneline studios to use your data to evaluate the quality of performance in an international ranking and gives this data to third parties.



Register just for the locations you are based. We do not refund travel costs. For international job offers/ fashion production you have the opportunity to apply individually.


Voor de registratie zijn bank- en en fiscale gegevens zijn verplicht. De facturatie zal door sceneline studios hoofdkantoor afgewikkeld worden.


For question regarding your registration our booking team can give you support:
Tel: +44 (0) 20 / 808 1466 or