Terms and Conditions


By registering as a user (hereinafter called User) at the sceneline (BOFI) network that you accept these General Terms and Conditions for use of sceneline network . (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") .

Sceneline operate under different Domains ( sceneline.com , sceneline.de , scenelinestudios.com etc. ) as well as various sub-domains and aliases of these domains who offer the services of sceneline studios . All sites where sceneline and the services of sceneline provide , are hereinafter collectively called the " sceneline - network" .

These Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between the user and sceneline.

The user closes the contract for the use of the services of sceneline with the sceneline studios GmbH, Im Media Park 4D , 50670 Cologne, Germany. Additional contact information, commercial registry data as well as the name of an authorized representative of sceneline studios can be found in the imprint .

The services provided by sceneline are exclusively to persons of full age .

The user can print, download or save  these Terms at any time under the link that appears on the sceneline websites, even after conclusion of the contract.

§ 1 Object

1.1 The sceneline network offer registered users the opportunity to register as a photographer ( in) , make up artist or supervisor and to apply after being validated by sceneline for jobs and to be booked.

1.2 Details about the applicable fees for the users which thes receive when they are booked , are specified in the user account. Sceneline -network created after the completion of an order for the user billing / credit and transfer the balance on the account of the user. sceneline - network users can transmit billing and payment claims electronically. sceneline - network is ready keep accounts of users of at least one ( 1) year from date of invoice for download.

1.3 Any use of the sceneline - services and content offered network sites with the exception of the scene line - provided opportunities network without the prior written consent of sceneline - network

1.4 sceneline - network provided by the user , the data and / or information to other users only available to the extent not violate this data and / or information against any laws or these Terms and Conditions . sceneline - network is authorized to illegal contents without notice of the scene line - remove network sites.

1.5 The User acknowledges and agrees that a 100 % availability of the sceneline - network sites is technically impossible to achieve . sceneline - but network will endeavor to take sceneline - to keep network- sites available . Related to maintenance, security or capacity requirements, and events that are not in the sphere of sceneline - are network ( eg disruptions in public communication networks , power failures etc. ) , may result in brief malfunctions or temporary interruptions of the services on the sceneline - network sites lead .


1.6 sceneline - network provides users with a platform with which he can apply for vacant positions at photo shoots of sceneline . In version 1.0, the user is the application function is not available . The user receives in his account the indication of confirmed booking appointments, which have been previously discussed with the booking department of sceneline studios verbally or by email. The booking confirmation in the system is equivalent to a binding booking . Is this user do not match, he is obliged , within 7 days sceneline -network to inform you . The silence of the user will be deemed as consent .

§ 2 Registration, Representations and Warranties upon Registration

2.1 The user has before using the services of sceneline - register network sites. The release of his registration is sceneline - network reserved.

2.2 The User warrants that all information provided during registration is accurate and complete. The user is obliged sceneline - immediately notify network changes in the registration data.

The User shall not use pseudonyms or pen names .

2.3 The User warrants that he is of age at the time of registration.

2.4 After approval of registration by sceneline - network the user chooses a password . He is obliged to keep this password secret. sceneline - network the password is not disclosed to third parties and users ask at any time for the password.

2.5 By completing the registration process, the user is given the option of the services of the sceneline -network sites and the facility of online booking for orders to use . sceneline - network increases by activating the membership of its application for online processing of the booking process for photo shoots by sceneline - at network sites. Making this assumption agreement between the user and sceneline comes - network about.

2.6 Each user may register only once and only create one user profile.

2.7 sceneline - network may technically not determine with certainty whether the sceneline - registered network sites user is in fact the person who claims to be the user . sceneline - network , therefore, provides no guarantee for the real identity of a user. Each user has therefore for himself validate the identity of another user .

§ 3 Obligations of the user

3.1 The user is obliged to

3.1.1 to make only true and non -misleading statements in profile and in communications with other users and to use pseudonyms or pen names ,

3.1.2 only photos of his person to the scene line - to transmit network sites as a profile picture , which show the user clearly. The user shall ensure that the public reproduction of the photos sent by him to the scene line - network sites , particularly the photos is allowed references in the field , and the user has all the rights to the images on the outdoor use or disclosure. The transmission of photos or pictures of other or non existent persons or other beings (animals, fantasy creatures , etc.) is not permitted.

3.1.3 in the use of content and services on the sceneline - Comply with applicable laws and all third party rights network sites. It is prohibited to the user in particular ,

Use any insulting or defamatory contents , regardless of whether such content to other users, sceneline - network- affecting employees or other persons or companies ,

pornographic , violent or against child protection laws to be used in violation of this content or pornographic , violent or to compete against youth protection laws offending products , offer or sell ,

other users unreasonable (especially spam) ( cf. § 7 Act against Unfair Competition Unfair Competition Act ) ,

advertise, offer or distribute legally to use (eg by copyright, trademark, patent , design patent or utility model law) protected content, without being entitled to do , or legally protected goods or services, and

practices considered unfair competition or to promote , including solicitation of other users for your own productions

3.2 The following acts are prohibited to the user:

Use of mechanisms, software or scripts in connection with the use of sceneline - network sites.

Blocking, overwriting , modifying and copying , except if it is for the proper use of the services of sceneline - require network sites. Copying of the "Robot / Crawler" search engine technology is for example not necessary for the proper use of the services of sceneline - network sites and is therefore prohibited .

Distribution and public communication of the contents of sceneline - network websites or by other users,

any act which is likely the functionality of sceneline - compromising network infrastructure , especially burdening them excessively.

§ 4 Amendment of services on sceneline - network - Sites

sceneline - network reserves the right , on the scene line - to change services offered network sites or to offer services different , except this is not reasonable for the user.

§ 5 Term and Termination

5.1 The User may at any time denounce , as long as no open orders or bookings between sceneline -network and the users are granted membership in sceneline -network . User agrees that sceneline - network even after the termination of membership stores the user data in enclosed processes. ( For example, accounting, analysis, etc. ) Upon termination, the user name and the sceneline are - registered network sites can archive e -mail address of the user to specify .


Termination for cause remains unaffected.


5.2 An important reason for sceneline - network exists in particular if the continuation of the contract for sceneline - is not reasonable network and the user - network , taking into account all the circumstances of the individual case and weighing the interests of sceneline . A good cause includes the following events :

Regulatory non-compliance by the user,

The user violates its contractual obligations, in particular from paragraphs 2 and 4 of these Terms and Conditions

the reputation of the sceneline - services offered network websites is substantially affected by the presence of the user ( for example, if it is determined after registration of the user that the user has been convicted of a criminal offense, and other users of this condemnation known is );

the User promotes any communities or associations - or their methods or activities - which are watched by security or child protection authorities;

the user damages one or more other users or

The User violates the prohibition of competition contrary by the data available to him outside of his cooperation with sceneline - uses network .

5.4 Upon good cause in accordance with Section 5.2 can sceneline - network independently of any termination pursuant to Paragraph 4 also impose the following sanctions against the user :

Deletion of the profile

Issue a warning, or

Blocking access to the services of sceneline - network sites.

§ 6 Liability for any content, data and information of users

6.1 sceneline - network assumes no responsibility for the users of the sceneline - network websites provided content , data and / or information or for the content of linked external websites. sceneline - network ensures in particular that this information is true , fulfill a particular purpose , or may serve such a purpose.

6.2 If the user an illegal or contrary to incorrect use of sceneline - noticed network sites ( including the use of pseudonyms or false identities ) , he can sceneline -network report .

§ 7 Liability Exclusions


Claims for damages - regardless of the legal grounds - against sceneline - network ( including its vicarious agents ) , the ordinary negligence , exist only if an essential contractual obligation / cardinal obligation has been violated . A cardinal obligation is a duty was entitled to rely on the compliance of

the users and their fulfillment is essential to the proper execution of the contract at all . Claims for damages are limited in this case to the amount of the typically foreseeable damage

The restrictions do not apply if the damage caused by the liability insurance of sceneline - are covered network and the insurer to sceneline - paid network . sceneline - network agrees to maintain the existing coverage in the contract

Claims for personal injury and property damage pursuant to the Product Liability Act shall remain unaffected . The above exclusions and limitations also do not apply in the case of explicit guarantees by sceneline - network and claims for lack of assured properties

§ 7 exemption

7.1 The User shall sceneline - network from all claims , including claims for damages , free, which other users or other third parties against sceneline - assert set network sites contents - network because of an infringement of their rights by the user on the scene line . The user shall sceneline - network also from all claims , including claims for damages , free, which other users or other third parties against sceneline - make network- websites by the user submits - network for infringement of their rights by the use of the services of the scene line . The user assumes all sceneline - network due to an infringement reasonable costs incurred , including costs for legal defense costs. All other rights, including damage claims by sceneline - network remain unaffected. The user has the right to prove that sceneline - have emerged network actually lower costs.

The foregoing obligations of the User shall not apply if the user is not responsible for the infringement .

7.2 Where rights are infringed by the content of a user by third parties is the user sceneline - network choice of sceneline - network at its own expense provide the user the right to use said contents or render said contents free of any infringement . If by the use of the services of sceneline - violated network- websites by the user rights of third parties , the user is the breach of contract and / or illegal use if requested by sceneline - Adjust the network immediately.

§ 8 Privacy Policy

sceneline - network is aware that users of a particularly sensitive handling of all personal data that the user to sceneline - is transmit network is extremely important. sceneline - network comply with all applicable legal provisions regarding data protection (German Data Protection Laws, European Data Protection Directives and any other applicable data protection legislation). sceneline - network is particularly without authorization disclose the personal data of users to third parties , or otherwise make known to third parties . Details concerning the processing of the data of the users are in the privacy policy of sceneline - controlled network , the scene of each of the line - are accessible network of sites .

§ 9 Final provisions

9.1 sceneline network reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, without giving reasons , unless an amendment is unreasonable for the user. sceneline  network will notify the user of changes to the GTC time. If the user of the validity of the new GTC within six (6) weeks after notification , the amended GTC shall be deemed accepted by the user . sceneline - network will alert the user in the notification of his right and the importance of the opposition period .

9.2 Unless otherwise agreed, the user can all notices to sceneline - transmit network - network via e- mail to the scene of each of the line - the specified network site Contacts or by fax or letter to sceneline . sceneline - network may send notices to the User by e-mail or by fax or post to the addresses that the user has specified as the current contact data in his or her user account.

9.3 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid , the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected .

9.4 The place of performance is the registered office of sceneline - network .

9.5 of jurisdiction for merchants within the meaning of the German Commercial Code (HGB) is the seat of sceneline - network .

9.6 German law applies to the exclusion of private international law .